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Global Currency Brokers is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority
FSA Registration Number 540338
HMRC Registration Number 12618476

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Global Currency Brokers

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Rate Promise - we present exceptional rates to our customers

Service Guarantee - we provide quality services

Track your fund - we email stage of the money transfer process

Security assurance - we are a licensed, safe and fast business partner for our clients

Global Currency Broker is a limited company formed under the law of England and Wales in 2010. Company has been authorised and regulated by Financial Services Authority and HMRC Money Laundry Regulation Act.

The company provides top-quality processing money transfer. Located in central London establishment specialises in helping clients to effectively and efficiently send and receive payments internationally. Global Currency Brokers saves their clients a substantial amount of money- especially when compared to the banks.

Our rates are unbeatable, and GCB Customer Relationship Managers are here to serve the clients in the most appropriate way comparing many other brokers.

The company will seek to provide its services in the timeliest manner an on-going comprehensive quality-control programme to provide 100% customer satisfaction.